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photo: Paul Friel, Creative Commons

photo: Paul Friel, Creative Commons

Faith can be isolating. Have you ever felt that way?

Whether it’s because you aren’t part of a church community, or you’ve always considered faith a solitary activity—or maybe it’s because of the unique call on your life or because you are the lone believer in a sea of people who don’t.

No matter your circumstances, being a follower of Jesus can feel lonely.

But there’s good news: We were never meant to do this alone. 

Yes, part of our relationship with God is personal and happens privately. God desires relationship with us individually, and some of our best moments happen with Him when we’re alone. But that doesn’t mean we’re in it by ourselves.

We were created to need each other by a God who values relationship.

In the very beginning God created the earth and the sea and the animals and then man, and after each creation He proclaimed that it was good. Of all of His creation, there was only one thing that wasn’t good, and that was for man to be alone. So He created Eve.

But God doesn’t just value our relationships; He values His own as well. God could have been a one-man show, but instead He chose to be one God in three parts—the Trinity, the perfect relationship.

Jesus, too, could have worked alone, but instead He had 12 disciples. And the disciples could have ventured out alone, but instead they traveled together, gathering and communing together, forming the beginning of the body of Christ.

Our faith was never meant to be something that isolated us; it was never meant to be something we felt we had to do alone.

Here are four ways we can help each other out in our faith, ways to be better together than we are apart.

1. We can correct and challenge each other.

There is no better resource to you in your growth than people around you who really know you. Those of you who are married know this.

Our spouses know us well enough to know our bad things and our good things, and when they challenge us and correct us, it’s because they truly know who we are and where we need to grow.

This is an intimate place to invite people into, and it can be really painful. But there’s nothing that grows us more than allowing people to really get close to us and speak truth to us in our deepest places.

2. We can encourage each other. 

If you’ve ever run a road race, you know how helpful it is to have people along the way cheering you on. Their encouragement gives you the resurgence of energy you need to keep going.

Encouragement among believers is the same way. If we have a community encouraging us in our faith, it’s so much easier to keep going and to continue living the way God tells us is best.

3. We can pray for each other.

If you’ve ever been a part of a prayer team or any sort of corporate prayer, you know how powerful it is to pray together. It not only unites the body of Christ as we support each other in prayer, we also get to see God work miraculously as we petition Him together.

4. We can use our skills to help one another. 

As a part of the body of Christ, you have been given a specific skill set, a specific place to occupy, a place that’s unique to you. The body parts can’t and shouldn’t have to function on their own, though, and that’s why it’s important to work together.

If you come together with five people who are all good at different but complementary things, you form a team that is so much stronger than any one of you by yourselves. And you’re no longer alone in the mission God has called you to.

Faith was never meant to be something you did alone. We were made to need each other, and we’re better when we live life together.