In General



My favorite meal of all time is steak, baked potato and salad with bleu cheese dressing. Because America is diverse, we have access to many kinds of ethnic foods like Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. Is your stomach starting to growl?

While food satisfies us physically and even emotionally, there is only one kind of food that has eternal value.

It’s the food and water that this world doesn’t know anything about. We’re blind to it until God opens our eyes. It is available to us if we hunger and thirst for it like the woman at the well.

As the story goes, Jesus and his disciples were making their way through Samaria and stopped at a well. Jesus met a woman and asked her for a drink of water. The woman was so shocked that Jesus would ask her, a Samaritan, for a drink of water!

Jesus told her that if she knew who he was, she would be asking him for a drink.

He then offered her not just water but living water. Water that one could drink, and never be thirsty again.

Jesus interacted with someone from another culture who was perceived to be of lesser stature. Jewish rabbis would never stop in Samaria, much less talk to Samaritans, because they were half Jewish and half Gentile. Jesus offered her something that only he could give.

God wants us to open our eyes to the people around us, so we can offer them living water, as Jesus did to the woman at the well. We need to open our eyes:


1.         To the marginalized people all around us.

The Father is calling us to open our eyes to how much He loves all people — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Indians, Hindus, Muslims, atheists. All lives matter to the Father. God is calling us to love heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals. He’s calling us to love the sick, the poor, the different, the hurting, even our enemies. All people are welcome to the living water of eternal life! Our Father wants us to love each other like Jesus loved the woman at the well, and the people of Samaria.


2.         To the supernatural season of grace you are living in.

We’re living in a supernatural season of grace! We’re in a time of preparation for a super harvest, a time of revival. A spiritual awakening is coming for your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Do you see it? Can you sense it?


3.        To the strategic role you play in the Father’s overall plan.

Because the woman at the well was astonished by her encounter with Jesus, she told everyone she knew how she met him and how he knew everything she had done.  The Samaritans came and believed! The disciples had a key role to play. They could have rejected the crowds that came by, or they could have welcomed the Samaritans by accepting and loving them. How do you treat others who are different from you?


4.         To the limited time you have to finish the work you’ve been given.

Jesus explained to the disciples that his food was to do the will of the One who sent him and to finish the work he was given. He was singular in his focus, treating his work with the utmost urgency. Are we doing everything for the will of God to be brought on this earth? Are we reaching the lost and hurt around us? Or are we turning our backs on sinners because they’re different from us?


Let’s ask God to open our eyes to our own “well” moments where we encounter those who are different from us, those who we wouldn’t normally speak to or associate with.

In light of eternity, we’re here on this earth for only a blip in time. May God open our eyes to how short our time really is! May we set our hearts on the food and water that’s not of this world – the only food and water that can satisfy us for eternity.