Clear The Stage: Making Room For God

Clear The Stage Book 2

Can your church be both seeker-friendly and Spirit-filled? In Clear the Stage, Scott Wilson and John Bates share how God gave them a vision to marry these two divergent streams of church practice. You don’t have to choose between the old revivalist mentality and the more recent seeker-friendly plan. Instead, the authors present a whole new way of doing church that clears the stage so the Spirit of God can do what only He can. Based on their own life-changing experiences, Scott and John share how you can use the sacred traditions of the Pentecostal experience to reach out to the lost while also discipling believers in a new and relevant way.

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Ready, Set, Grow: 3 Conversations That Will Bring Lasting Growth to Your Church


In the American church, we talk a lot about DEVELOPING LEADERS, but few pastors have a real strategy to turn willing workers into DYNAMIC MULTIPLIERS. Scott Wilson is one of those few. God gave Scott a vision and a plan for his staff team and volunteers. It wasn’t a quick fix. The strategy took three years, and it had plenty of bumps in the road. At the end, though, the leaders of his church were more INSPIRED, CHALLENGED, and EQUIPPED than ever before. Their lives, their church, and their community will never be the same.

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Steering Through Chaos: Mapping a Clear Direction for Your Church in the Midst of Transition and Change

steeringThe challenges of leadership often multiply during times of transition. Blending perceptive, visionary principles with a passion to please God, Scott Wilson examines how to effectively lead a church through the process of change. Transitions addressed include the building of new facilities, the changing of staff structure, the addition of new services, and the transition to becoming a multi-site ministry, among others. Each chapter includes discussion questions, making this an ideal resource for a church staff or leadership team.
During the struggles of transition, doubts and fears will inevitably arise. At those moments, leaders need assurance that they have a real and authentic vision from God. Scott encourages leaders to follow their call to lead with confidence, courage, and an unwavering commitment to push through the challenges that come with change.

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The Next Level: A Message of Hope for Hard Times

next-levelFrom minor inconveniences to the most traumatic events in our lives, God wants to use every painful event to draw us closer to himself and impart wisdom. If we understand, God’s purposes for our times of struggle, we’ll trust him to instead of getting angry with him, and we’ll see each difficulty as a steppingstone to the next level of our spiritual journey. Then, even when we don’t fully understand what God is doing, we’ll be convinced that he knows, he cares and he’ll lead us. In The Next Level book, we’ll look at people in the Bible and the tests they faced. * Noah: The Tenacity Test * David: The Waiting Test * Solomon: The Contentment Test * Naaman: The Humility Test * Mary: The Yes Test * The Disciples: The Courage Test * Jesus: The Wilderness Test

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Act Normal: How Compassion Becomes The Norm

act-normalAct Normal is a 31-day journey through the Book of Acts. Each day’s reading discusses what it means to live for God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Through the use of real-life examples, and the ability to express complex concepts in everyday language, Scott Wilson helps your church gain a grasp of the story that runs through Acts. Wilson gives practical suggestions for living a biblical life that honors God.

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